Your Infant Shouldn’t Consume Alcohol Juice; Should Any Person In Your Family?

By Jennifer Graham, Deseret News

Children more youthful compared tobelow 1 shouldnt drink fruit juice, the nations leading team of pediatricians claimed Monday, changing an earlier policy that stated infants might have juice at 6 months.

In a report published in the respected clinical journal Pediatric medicine, the American Academy of Pediatrics said fruit juice is high in sugar and calories and adds to tooth degenerationdental caries, regardless of its reputation as a healthy drink.

And the AAP wasnt talking aboutdiscussing the unclear, manufacturing facility sweetened juice beverages that populate grocery store shelves, yet the real stuff: One Hundred Percent fruit juice.

“I believe this is a superb recommendation for babies, and also it’s long past due. Moms and dads feel their babies require fruit juices, but that’s a mistaken belief, Dr. Elsie M. Taveras, chief of basic pediatrics at MassGeneral Health center for Children in Boston, told The New York Times.


infant shouldn’t consume juice; should any individual in your household?”I think this is an amazing referral for babies, as well as it’s long overdue.

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