Union College’s Education Program Provided National Accreditation

Graduates will be able to become certified to teach throughout United States

BARBOURVILLE, Ky. (Nov. 6, 2015)– Union College got alert this week that its education application has actually been granted national accreditation from the Council of Accreditation of Educator Preparation, a significant step in advancing education throughout its service location. The nationwide standard is something that only half of the post-secondary institutions in the state have actually achieved.

“The approval of the national Council of Accreditation of Educator Preparation is the newest of a number of testimonies to the amazing efforts of Union College professors, personnel, students and its P-12 partners across the state to prepare highly qualified and soughtsearched for instructor leaders in the education field,” stated Jason Reeves, Dean of the Union College Educational Studies Device.

Union’s education program underwent an evaluation procedure early this spring setting the phase for nationwide accreditation. With this new accreditation, education graduates from Union will have the ability to look for certification to teach anywhere in the country. Reeves said that requirement is a terrific employment device for Union, offers terrific prospective for Union finishes getting in the task market and displays the level of excellence at which Union prepares teachers.

“Understanding that our model for teacher preparation has reached a stage of national approval fuels the fire we have to move beyond just sustainability and steadiness,” Reeves added. “We want to create new trails in education making use of devices of imagination, partnership and cooperation.”

This is the very firstvery first time Union College has actually sought national accreditation for its program. Reeves stated the move is not a requirement, but something Union sought to do in order to establish a higher general requirement for the program.

“We chose to hold ourselves to these national requirements and are lucky to have the policy and processes in place to satisfy those requirements,” Reeves stated.

Union’s Educational Researches Device is accredited at the state level through the Kentucky Education Specialist Standards Board. Even more, the Kentucky Center for Education has actually acknowledged Union’s academic application as being the 4th top-ranked application in the state for preparing its instructors for the labor force. Retention of those Union informed teachers amongst Kentucky schools was also among the highest of the 28 post-secondary institutions in the state. Reeves stated all of the awards combine to specify Union’s capability in informing and preparing instructors like no other.

The Council of Accreditation of Educator Preparation will work with Reeves and his staff over the next couple of weeks to release and carry out an action report, according to the national standards. Reeves states national accreditation of the program will have an instant effect on Union students pursuing a degree in education.

The Educational Studies Unit at Union provides preliminary teaching licensure programs in the concentrations of elementary, middle, secondary education, health and athletics. The program likewise offers sophisticated graduate applications, consisting of online parts, in numerous application emphasis locations for its Instructor Leader Master’s Degree and Rank I application.

Workshops Target Financing College Education

The Beaufort County School District is sponsoring a pair of complimentary workshops for moms and dads on the best ways to assist finance their childrens college education.The primary target audience is moms and dads of high school senior citizens and juniors.The first workshop is from 6 to 7 pm Wednesday at Hilton Head Island High School. A similar workshop is from 6 to 7 pm Thursday, at Beaufort High School.Presenters include agents from the South Carolina Commission on HigherCollege,

the South Carolina Tuition Grants Commission, the University of South Carolina at Beaufort, the Technical College of the Lowcountry, South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities, Scholarships for Military Families, the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry and Vocational Rehabilitation, Scholarships and Grants.The workshops will cover the essentials of applyingmaking an application for monetary aid, consisting of FAFSA and the CSS Profile.Information also will be provided on local,

state and nationwide grants, loans and scholarship opportunities.

Modi Spinning Information From Thin Air, States Nitish

After Modi ended his election rally in Bhagalpur town, the Janata Dal-United leader tweeted: I progressively question if he would ever have the ability to enhance his understanding and use of realities and figures.

The primary minister stated that Rs.2.7 lakh crore would be readily available to carry out the seven programs he (Nitish Kumar) had actually announced over the next 5 years. Modiji must relax!

Modis talk of health facilities is ironical since its his government that has reduced health budget and stopped universal health plan.

Modi should have whipped up his figures and information today from the same place he whipped up his special bundle – thin air, Nitish Kumar releaseded.

Nitish Kumar repeated his willpower to provide Rs.1,000 a month as joblessness allowance to youths in the age of 20-25 years and loans of as much as Rs.4 lakh through student charge card.

He said he was also dedicated to scheduling a Rs.500 crore endeavorequity capital fund, and supplying free web in colleges and universities.

And 35 percent of all federal government jobs would be reserved for females, he included.

Earlier, before Modis arrival in Bihar, Nitish Kumar asked the prime minister to stop rhetoric (and) chest thumping, and provide the pledges he made ahead of the Lok Sabha polls in 2014.

Show moral courage. Accept deficiencies in delivering on old promises, he said in a series of tweets.

Regard the beliefs of the individuals of Bihar who have been bothered by your unkept promises and unsavoury comments, he said.

Asking Modi to take back your derogatory words made in earlier speeches, he said: Deliver your promise of unique status to Bihar. Do not mislead with so-called bundle where 86 percent is repackaged old schemes.

Live up to your 2014 election guarantee of decriminalization and announce (that) no ticket (will be given) to candidates with criminal background.

The Bharatiya Janata Celebration and its allies will be pitted in the coming assembly elections versus the ruling Janata Dal-United and its allies the Rashtriya Janata Dal and the Congress.

The Undetectable Victims Of Identity Theft: Our Kids

Somewhere between 10 million and 16 million Americans get “got” by fraudsters working the seams of identity-related criminal offense every year. The techniques are many and different. There are, naturally, the familiar rip-offs and scams, however one harder to spot area of exploitation is kid identity theft.

So why are kids a target for identity burglars? It’s called “runway.” A kid’s Social Security number is beautiful. There is no reason for a small to use it in connection with any monetary or credit-related deal before reaching the age of 18– when he or she then becomes legally responsible for any contract they sign. Subsequently, there’s been no need for them, or their moms and dads, to examine their credit.

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An excellent Social Security number in the hands of a proficient identity burglar can be a ticket to truckloads of credit and considerable money. It holds the guarantee of an undisturbed romp for 15 years or more. Just believethink about all the financial account that could be opened; all the charge card, individual loans, student loans, car loans and mortgages that could be protected; all the homes that could be rented; all the mobile phones, energies and cable and Internet services that could be obtained; all the medical treatments, prescriptions and devices that could be acquired; all the tax refunds that could be mined; all the illegal tasks that could be obtained; and all the welfare or unemployment advantages that could be had with a gaggle of unblemished, unmonitored Social Security numbers and more than a decade of wide-open roadway?

Depending on the research study, it is approximated that somewhere between 140,000 and 400,000 children end up being victims of identity theft every year. That genuinely is a price quote, since the majority of kids who end up being victims have no clue that they are being exploited. When they finally find the trespass, they find out very rapidly that there is no magic switch making the pain go away. In reality, they are guilty till proven innocent.

Numerous have definitely no concept how it occurred, and it takes time to track this down and document everything. And while the situation is being investigated and (perhaps) solved, their credit has actually been decimated and their ability to participate in the economy is limited. Numerous victims cannot get a loan, find someone to lease them an apartment, get an energy or cellular phone switched on without a significant deposit, open their mailbox without receiving some letter referencing a lender they have actually never ever become aware of, or get and keep a job in an already tough job market, and they even, on celebration, get detained for a crime they didn’t dedicate in a state where they have neither lived nor visited.

Consider simply one example Cameron Noble.

The run-around was charming. That is, remarkably unpleasant. When Cameron Noble first attemptedattempted to resolve his identity theft issue, he was informed that there had actually been no crime, just an error. There had actually been no malfeasance. Noble was merely the victim of a keystroke mistake.

So how did he understand a criminal offense had happened? The 22-year-old Utah citizen began getting notices that his incomes were being garnished for back payments on child support in California.

When Cameron was 7, his parents got the first inkling that something was wrong after getting a notice from the Internal Revenue Service that their boy was too old to qualify as a dependenta depending on their joint tax return. After challenging the matter, they were told their child was a middle-aged, deadbeat father who lived 2 states over in California. After some backward and forward, the Nobles thought they had actually put the matter to rest. They had not, as was provened 15 years later when then the wage garnishment started.

When he triedattempted to resolve the matter, Noble’s credit reports all pertained to his address, but with the thief’s name. In 2007, his tax refund was kept to spend for the burglar’s child support, and in 2008 he got a notification that he owed back taxes.

Naturally, he asked the Social Security Administration to release him a brand-new Social Security number, but they declined due to the fact that they thought the explanation was, certainly, a keystroke error. After Noble got aid from resolution specialists, the Social Security Administration lastly agreed that his was a case of identity theft.

Frequently a moms and dad (or guardian) is the first line of defense when the whisper of a problem surface areas: an unusual call from a debt collector, a pre-approved credit card offer in their youngster’s name, an obstructed federal or state tax return due to a previous filing in the same tax year using their youngster’s Social Security number, an application for their kid’s first driver’s license denied due to built up tickets or careless driving charges in another state (or because a valid motorist’s license currently exists in their name). Unfortunately, lots of moms and dads miss out on these early warning signals. You don’t have to be one of them.

The above is an adapted excerpt from Swiped: Ways to Secure Yourself in a World CompleteFilled with Fraudsters, Phishers and Identity Burglars, which hits book shops all over Black Friday.

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Image: kiankhoon

Should Prisoners Have Access To A College Education?

  • Listen

    Education programs in prison: The expenses, the advantages, the challenges

  • United States President Barack Obama speaks as Charles Samuels (C), Bureau of Prisons Director, and Ronald Warlick (L), a correctional officer, look during a trip of the El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in El Reno, Oklahoma.SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

    It may soon be easier for detainees to make a college degree.

    In 1994, a federal law was passed that restricted prisoners at state and federal centers from getting Pell grants a form of federal government monetary help for low-income students.

    Fund’s Specialty: Outreach To Fallen, Wounded Soldiers

    Herb Scott of Canton isn’t really a military veteran, but does appreciate them and their stories.

    “We hear the stories on a day-to-dayeach day of these soldiers,” said Scott, a board member of The Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund. He mentioned examples of a veteran two months behind on house payments, in addition to those with specials needs like post-traumatic tension conditiontrauma.

    “I found out extremely quickly exactly what an essential thing it was to commemorate the gentlemen and women who served our country,” Scott told Plymouth Rotarians and guests at a Friday, Nov. 6, lunch at the Plymouth Cultural Center.He was with

    a number of pals, a few them veterans, about 11 years earlier in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Scott is from upstate New York, the neighborhood of Waterloo, which is the birth place of Memorial Day.He wantedwished to be involved. Scott stressed veterans want to sign up with the labor force. He added the VA, although it has problems, likewise has lots of excellent staff members in its health centers and clinics.The Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund checks backgrounds making sure claims are legitimate. Its executive director devotes some 60 hours a week working, Scott stated, and it has an all-volunteer board.The organization works with veterans on instant needs and aims to respond quickly to those, along with emergencies. Scott, a Canton Lions member, want to see sub-committees for problems like veterans ‘financial resources, to assist “some of the issues they have and where to go with them.” Scott works in the pharmaceutical market and has actually partnered

    with others to assistto assist on medication costs. He noted brand-name medications needed by veterans are frequently costly. “Winter’s coming,”he included of another veteran who requires a$5,000 furnace.

    “We’re hoping we can assist.”He applauded the American Legion, together with the Marty Feldman Chevrolet dealer

    , which just recently provided$50,000 to The Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund. General Motors likewise assists, Scott said.He encouraged those present to compose to federal representatives, including state federal government is helpful.

    Rep. Kurt Heise, R-Plymouth, was at the lunch that day.Scott likewise informed of a veteran living in Fight Creek battling cancer and being dealt with at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

    That Afghanistan veteran gets housing assistance for his cancer treatment.”There’s a great deal of suicidal veterans out there who are afraid to go”for help, Scott said.

    “They’re not treated with respect.”He advised attendance April 23, 2016, at the organization’s fundraising Dinner Dance amp

    ; Auction at the MGM Grand Detroit. It will showcase home entertainment and dancing with the Jerry Ross Band.Oliver North spoke at a previous fundraising dinner, as have other prominent individuals. The organization might opt for a local speaker this year, Scott said.Additional info is offered online at www.fwsf.org.jcbrown@hometownlife.com!.?.!Twitter: @ 248Julie

    Education Worth The Financial Investment

    Families and students understand the enhancing value of a college education and are selectingopting to make a financial investment in college. While households and students fund their college investment with individual contributions, grants and student loans, the rate of student loan loaning is rising substantially in California and nationally.In California,

    52 percent of all four-year college student will finish with some level of student loan debt. California students who finished with a four-year degree in 2012 balanced $20,269 in student loan financial obligation, up 26 percent from $16,071 in 2003.

    The excellent news for California students is that we are a low debt state. Forty-seven states have higher typical student loan debt than California. Since of the state’s commitment to its Cal Grant financial aidfinancial assistance program, 48 percent of all four-year university graduates in the state in 2012 finished debt totally free.

    The trouble is that more students are borrowing for college and borrowing more than ever in the past. The increase in student loan borrowing is associated to more students going to college; students not totally accessing grants to which they are entitled; state budget plan cuts leading to rising tuition; and monetary aid packages not showing the complete variety of expenses associated with college like room, board, textbooks and transportation.College graduates struggling

    with student loan financial obligation can impact the higher economy. Graduates with financial obligation have the tendency to delay, or are less likely to buy a house or car, begin a small business, or start retirement savings. There is likewise trigger for concern when financial obligation becomes uncontrollable for the borrower, particularly those who did not earn a degree. As of 2012, 18 percent of California student loan borrowers were 90 days or more delinquent on their student loan payments.Disinvestment in California’s highercollege system is contributing substantially towards the borrowing pattern. California spends 25 percent less per student today than it carried out in 2001 while the cost of college has actually enhanced by 118 percent in the very same time frame. The University of California and California State Universities are asking students to carry a greater part of expense to money a world-class public university system. Another factor contributing to the borrowing pattern is when students do not fully

    take advantagemake the most of offered financial help. Just 61 percent of high school graduates in 2013 completed the Free Application for Federal Student Help (FAFSA)and just 58 percent usedgotten the Cal Grant. Countless dollars in federal and state financial aidfinancial assistance are left unclaimed by qualified students.Students require a college credential to effectively go into the workforce and the state needs more college graduates. If existing trends persist, California will be short 2.3 million college degrees and certifications by 2025 to meet workforce need. The return for every single$1 California invests on public higher education is $4.50 from taxes on the increased incomes of college graduates and reduced taxpayer spending on health and security

    net services, joblessness and imprisonment. People with a bachelor’s degree will make $1.3 million more over their lifetime than a person with just a high school diploma. Throughout the Great Recession of 2007-09, those with only a high school diploma

    were more than three times as likely to lose their jobs as those with some college education or an associate degree and work for those with a bachelor’s degree really increased. Post-recession, more than 2 million jobs were gained by college graduates, while those with just a high school diploma or less kept to lose nearly a quarter million tasks nationally even as the economy recovered.Student loans can provide access to college for a student who otherwise would not go to college or complete their degree by completing funding gaps after grants, scholarships and cost savings. The challenge for us today is appropriately financing public greater education in California to decrease the burden on students and families, ensuring the financial aidfinancial assistance process is basic enough that the optimum variety of eligible students apply and get help they require, and ensuring students who sacrifice to invest in their education earn the college education that prepares them for the workforce and permits them to repay their loans. Siqueiros is the president of the ProjectAdvocate College Opportunity.

    How To Pick The FinestThe Very Best Charge Card For You: 4 Easy Steps

    Finding the finest credit card is part art, part science.

    No single charge card is much better than all others in all categories– or for all individuals. However by comprehending your alternatives and asking the ideal questions, you can discover the card that’s the bestthe very best suitable for your spending habits and credit scenario.

    Follow these 4 steps to discover the finestthe very best credit card for you.

    1. Check your credit

    FindFigure it out exactly what credit card offers you may be qualified for by examining your credit ratingcredit history. The better your rating, the higher your opportunity of being accepted for cards with much better benefits. Many credit card issuers provide their cardholders complimentaryopen door to their FICO credit ratingcredit rating, and a number of third-party websites offer different types of credit scorescredit report. You can likewise buy your score directly from the three significant credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion).

    If the number isn’t really what you expected, inspect your credit reports to see what’s triggering the problem. You can then start determining ways to enhance it, from changing your spending habits to challenging an error on your reports, if you needhave to. Federal law entitles you to one totally free copy of your credit report from each of the 3 significant bureaus every YEAR. Get your free reports at AnnualCreditReport.com, a federally licensed website.

    2. Determine which type of charge card you require

    There are three general types of charge card:

    1. Cards that assist you enhance your credit when it’s restricted or damaged.
    2. Cards that conserve you cash on interest.
    3. Cards that make rewards.

    The best card for you is one with features designed to fulfill your particular needs. If you do not take a trip much, for instance, then the best travel card worldwide isn’t really going to do you a great deal of excellent.

    If you wantwish to build or reconstruct credit: Student or protected charge card

    Student credit cards, unsecured cards implied for college students who are brand-new to credit, are simpler to qualifyget approved for than other kinds of credit cards. So are protected charge card, which generally need a down payment of $200 or more. Your deposit is gone back to you when the account is upgraded or enclosed good standing.

    If you desire to savesave money on interest: Low-interest, 0 % APR or balance transfer card

    A card with an initial 0 % APR and ongoing low interest might be an excellent match for you if you plan to use your charge card in case of emergencies, or if you have an irregular income and carry a balance from time to time. A balance transfer offer might help you settle a high-interest debt interest-free. Remember that these offers may be harder to find if you have average or poor credit.

    MORE: Find the finest low-interest or 0 % APR charge card with this flowchart.

    If you desirewish to make benefits: Benefits, travel or cash back

    A benefits charge card is a great match for you if you settle your balance in full every month and never sustain interest. These cards typically have greater APRs, but offer bigger sign-up incentives and offer you points, miles or cash back on every dollar you invest.

    MORE: Find the finestthe very best rewards charge card with this flowchart.

    3. Narrow your choices by asking the right concerns

    Visit NerdWallet’s charge card comparison tool and look for the kind of charge card you’re looking for, filtering outcomes according to your credit ratingcredit history and regular monthly spending. As you go through the leading picks, consider these questions.

    For student and secured cards:

    • Will this card assist me build my credit? Try to find a card that reports your credit card payments to the three major credit bureaus. Lots of protected cards don’t do this.
    • Just how much does it cost to open an account, including the yearly cost? The rewards on these cards generally aren’t high enough to require an annual fee. Unless you have really bad credit, you can likely avoid this expenditure. For secured cards, the lower the down payment, the much better, although your credit limit may be tied straight to how much of a deposit you make.
    • Can I finish to a much better card later? Choose a card that will let you build your credit and upgrade to a card with more competitive terms. This makes it easier to leave your card open longer, improving your typical age of accounts in the long run.

    For low-interest, 0 % APR or balance transfer cards:

    • How long is the 0 % APR duration, and exactly what is the continuous interest APR? Try to find a card that gives you sufficient time to settle your financial obligation interest-free. If you’re planning on carrying balances over a number of years, consider a credit card with a low continuous APR.
    • . Exactly what is the card’s balance transfer policy? If you’re doing a balance transfer, look up a card’s balance transfer fees. DiscoverFigure it out what types of financial obligation you can transfer and whether there’s a limit to how much you can move over. Keep in mind that the balance transfer APR on a card may be various from the purchase APR.
    • . Does the card offer rewards? If you’re searching for just a few months of 0 % APR– maybe rather of a sign-up incentive– you might be able to discover a card that administers generous ongoing benefits as well.

    For benefits, travel or cash-back cards:

    • How do I invest my cash? Try to find a card that provides the greatest benefits for the classifications you invest the most on. If you’re a huge spender, consider getting a card with an annual cost, if your rewards incomes would balance out the cost. If you’re preparing to use the card abroad, search for one with no foreign deal charges and chip-and-PIN ability, rather than the chip-and-signature technology that’s conventional in the US This opts for other types of cards too.
    • How complicated is this credit card? If you do not wantwish to contend with restricted award seat availability, spending caps, rotating perk benefits and loyalty tiers, think about a card with flat-rate cash-back benefits.
    • How rapidly will I earn benefits, and just how much are they worth? Read NerdWallet’s rewards assessments to find the answers to these concerns.

    4. ApplyMake an application for the card that provides you the greatest general value

    Narrowing your options is the easy part, however choosing between two or 3 similar cards can be rather tough. If you’ve currently found a clear winner after Step 3, go with that. If not, it’s time for a tiebreaker round.

    Look closely for differences. All other values being equal, here are some elements that may set a card apart:

    For student and secured cards:

    • Credit limitation immediately increases. Specific cards let you increase your limit after a couple of consecutive on-time payments.
    • Interest paid on your deposit. Some secured cards place your security deposit in an interest-earning CD. This wayBy doing this, you can make a little quantity of money on it.

    For low-interest, 0 % APR or balance transfer cards:

    • Financial obligation payoff coordinator. Some issuers let you create your very own financial obligation benefit strategy on an online portal, an important tool if you’re overwhelmed with financial obligation.
    • No late fees or charge APR. Certain cards waive these charges. If you fall back on payments, this could can be found in helpful.

    For rewards, travel or cash-back cards:

    • Lower required spending. The less you requirehave to spend to certify for a sign-up reward, the better.
    • No expiration date on rewards. On some cards, you can use your rewards as long as you keep the card open.

    When you finally select a card, remember that, on the application, you can include all earnings you have reasonable access to, not simply your personal income. For students, that can include cash from grants and scholarships, or allowances from parents. For others, it may consist of a partner or spouse’s earnings.

    So you have actually found the finestthe very best credit card. Exactly what’s next?

    Picking the bestthe very best charge card is a vital decision, however don’t stop there. Utilize your card the best method to get the most for your money. If you’re attempting to establish credit, pay your bill in full each month and don’t utilize too much of your offered credit. Stay with your debt reward strategy if you snagged a 0 % APR offer. And if you’re attemptingattempting to rack up benefits, utilize your card for everyday purchases and pay your expense in completecompletely each month.

    The charge card you select need to help you accomplish your financial goals in the most inexpensive, effective way possible, whether you’re attemptingattempting to construct credit, obtain money or make benefits. Do not go for less.

    Claire Tsosie is a staff writer at NerdWallet, a personal financing site. Email:�claire@nerdwallet.com. Twitter:�@ideclaire7. Image through iStock.

    Safe SanctuarySafe House Starts Drive For Needed Funds

    Cold weatherWinter is pressing its way into the area, and those without shelter have no method of closing the door on it to remain warm.

    Safe SanctuarySafe house Outreach Mission Inc. in Parsons, which provides a house for the homeless, is filled to storage capacity and has a waiting list of people looking for shelter from extreme weather condition.

    While the variety of homeowners in the shelter are up, donations to Safe HavenSafe house have been down.

    “We have actually been running full, real estate 10 to 11, using our overflow beds,” Safe SanctuarySafe house founder and manager Melissa Brown stated. “From those people staying here now, we have 3 of those that are working, and the others are looking for work. That’s a blessing those three are working and conserving back money. We are getting preparedpreparing for the shifts of those individuals into their own homes, as quicklyas quickly as housing ends up being readily availableappears for them, but then we have people waiting to come in.”

    “The expense daily to house somebody at Safe Haven is $18.49 at complete capacity. Our annual budget plan is $55,000. … We have been trying to discoverlooking for innovative methods of stretching the budget,” Brown added. “We are not federal government funded and are here with the help of our community. It takes all to make an impact.”

    With lots of today dealing with hard monetary times, Brown said Safe SanctuarySafe house has actually attempted to develop an idea for a fundraiser that would enable nearly any individual go have the ability to offer.

    “Our brand-new charity event is Houses for the Homeless that you can acquire for $1 at the Parsons Sun, Olson Medical, Parsons Family Pharmacy, Bowen Drug store, Residue Cafe, Timber Creek Meats, Hickory Hole, Gold and Silver Pawn, Household Video, The Mustard Seed and start in December, all three Pete’s,” Brown said. “Of course if someone wants to provide more they can.”

    Those contributing at participating businesses can write their names on home-shaped cutouts, and the businessesbusiness will put them on display.

    Besides the “houses” for sale, Brown said the shelter also will disperse brochures to manya number of the local businesses requesting their support.

    “These brochures break down how our budget works and all that enters into the individual citizens to get them back on their feet. Considering that opening in May 2010 we have served almost 300 locals. This is a quite big number thinking about many peoplemany individuals did not see the requirement for a shelter in our community,” Brown stated. “If we might get 11 businesses to donate $5,000 a year, we could fulfill our fundamental budget plan.”

    Besides house payments, energies, basic maintenance, transportation costs and so on to run the shelter, the non-profit depends on the generosity of the neighborhood to provide for the basic needs of its short-lived locals.

    “We might constantly use food, however we’re sort of low on toilet paper, paper towels and female hygiene and toiletry items. You cannot believe how much of those examples we go through. We go through a great deal of that, too. We are likewise in need of socks. Socks are one of things we truly go through a lot of,” she said. “We also always need things like meal soap, laundry soap and material softener.”

    There are emergency scenarios that emerge and have to be dealt with, too.

    “We are requiring help to cover the expense of new floor covering. We had a leak in the kitchen area we were unaware of and it entered the subflooring. We have someone readyready to contribute their labor, but we require the cash for materials,” she said.

    “We are also requiringhaving to do some updating at the shelter. We are needing new twin beds and bed linen,” she said.

    As always, there are some wish list products, too.

    For instance, Brown said Safe Sanctuary desires to be able to complete some finishing work within the metal structure that was erected last year for a clothing closet, as it likewise houses the shelter’s chapel location.

    Most crucialCrucial is having the ability to supply shelter for those requiring a hand approximately get back on their feet. Keeping the shelter open is becoming a more essential mission as other shelters in Southeast Kansas battle and close their doors.

    “Choices, a family shelter in Pittsburg, closed its doors this year since of absence of financing. The rest of the shelters in Southeast Kansas are attempting to pick up the slack, but we are full all the time and it is tough to accommodate a household,” Brown said. “We wantwish to build an addition to the homeyour home, utilizing the attached garage then some making 3 or four family bed rooms.”

    “God is good. He always makes sure we have exactly what we require,” Brown said. “We require cash. That’s exactly what we require today.”

    Those with questions about Safe HavenSafe house or how they can aid can call 421-4417 or 717-1444 or drop in the workplace. Contributions can be sent by mail to Safe HavenSafe house Outreach Objective, 1112 S. 24th St. Parsons, KS 67357.