S. California Bankruptcy Develops Bello Family Vineyards Difficulties

On Aug. 1, 2012, seven months after the Walldesign bankruptcy, Bello Family Vineyards opened a luxurious tasting room at 929 Main St St. Helena.As St. Helena Chamber of Commerce officials cut the ribbon to the brand-new tasting room, 3 individuals objected outside, asserting that Michael Bello had failed to pay a reasonable wage to workers in his Southern California building firm.Margot Veranes of

Arizona was signed up with by Mike Greenlee and Dennis Orozco of Sacramento in the protest, who stated employees for Walldesign Inc. have actually been the victims of base pay and overtime offenses, leading to class-action lawsuits in Orange County and Nevada.No reference was made of the bankruptcy, but according to a St. Helena Star article at the time, Bello rejected that any of his workers were underpaid, and stated the protest was identical to blackmail.”They’re tryingaiming to strong-arm me into signing a phony arrangement that would essentially put me out of company,

“Bello said, highlighting the dispute had absolutely nothing to do with his wine company. “I would not have 5,000 workers and be in business for 30 years if I didn’t pay my individuals right … They have a lawsuit against me for back incomes, and if I sign the contract they’ll make that disappear.” The Star post recommended that the building of the tasting space had not been without issues of its own. St. Helena’s Harold Smith amp;

Boy filed a lien on the tasting space building on the grounds that it hadn’t been paid for $11,360 worth of concrete work.Bello stated he paid$ 40,000 to another company, JR Concrete, which was supposed to pay Harold Smith however never ever did. Bello stated he gave a check to Harold Smith and will certainly tryaim to

recover his losses from JR Concrete in court.The Star reported that Bello did offer a check to Harold Smith amp; Son, however a spokesman said “it wasn’t for the complete quantity they are owed.”The tasting space is open for business, handled by Bello’s kid Christopher. Among the wines is called for Megahertz.Bello Family Wines

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